Russell R Charles Music
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Music is unpredictable. The songs you release now, becomes a song of the past. The industry can hardly keep up. The consumers/fans/customers has a short attention span and a big apatite. Where "success" Is hard these days. Connecting with our fans means; You must put in a lot of work. “Why“ They know you as a artist more than you know your self. What that means; They know if you put in work with the songs you create. Russell R. Charles wants to give this to his fans. He wants to stay original. The most popular artist/groups are the ones who cares about there career. Russell R. Charles has arrived. He will do this. Creativity is the only way. than the past where it did not matter. This translates; Time for change. Russell R. Charles releases his hit single “In Miami“. Hoping to climb over the hottest songs on the charts today. One day Russell R Charles wants to reach to be the global music icon. “In Miami” will become a worldwide explosion